5-Axel SISU 10×4

September 30, 2015 5:47 pm
5- Axel SISU 10X4 Truck
Engine Engine Type Mercedes Benz- OM501 LA
Number of Cylinders 6 Cylinders- V Shape
Emission Standard Euro 5 (V)
Fuel Type Diesel
Maximum Power Engine 480 HP, 350 KW
Transmission/ Gearbox Transmission Model Mercedes Bez- G280-16
Number of Gear 16 Speed Automat without Clutch
Clutch Type Double- Disk Clutch
Cooling System Transmission Oil Cooling
Axels Front Axel Type 9t, Disk Brake( FSND)+ Steering
2nd  Axel Type 7.5t, Disc Brake (FSND)+ Steering+ Bogie Lift
3rd Axel Type FRD-13-S-0465 Planetary
4th  Axel Type FRD-13-S-0465 Planetary
5th Axel Type 7.5t (FSND) + Steering+ Bogie Lift
Steering Steering System Type Hydraulic
Steering Model LS8
Suspension System Front-Axel Suspension Type Parabolic Springs with Shock Absorber
2nd Axel Suspension Type Parabolic Springs with Shock Absorber
3rd Axel Suspension Type Springs bars with shock absorber
4thAxel Suspension Type Springs bars with shock absorber
5thAxel  Suspension Type Air Bag with Shock Absorber
Brake System Front-Axel Brake Type Disk
2nd Axel Brake Type Disk
3rd Axel Brake Type Bowl
4th Axel Brake Type Bowl
5th Axel Brake Type Bowl
Reinforced Brake System ASR, ABS, Telligent Engine Brake
Electric System Battery Voltage 24 V
Alternator Power 28 V- 100 A
Number and Battery Ampere 2X100A
Dimensions Total Length 9510mm
Width 2550mm
Height 3565mm
Distance from Front Axel Hub to Rear Axel 2200mm
Fuel Tank Fuel Tank Capacity 300 Lit Aluminum
Urea Tank Capacity Ad Blue- 95 Lit Plastic
Weights Net Weight 12500 kg
Gross Weight 46000 kg
Allowable load capacity 33500 kg
Tire Features Tire Size of 1th and 5th Axel 385/65R22.5 NTR 72S

385/65R22.5 NTR 72S

Tire Size of 2nd Axel 315/80R22.5 Nokian NTR 45
Tire Size of 3rd Axel and 4th Axel 315/80R22.5 Nokian NTR 45

315/80R22.5 Nokian NTR 45

Cab High roof with sleeper, Electric sunroof, Air conditioning  system, Additional insulation heat in Cab, Digital Clock with alarm function, Driver’s comfort suspension seat with heater, seat fixing mechanism, CD radio with Bluetooth, Voltage transformer 24V/12V, 15A in Cab, Power windows for driver’s/co-driver’s door, Upper shelves with covers, Sound control system on steering …
Standard Equipment Vertical exhaust piping, Day time headings LED, Headlamp washer, Fog lights, Buzzer for reverse gear with switch, Side mirror on right side with wide angel, Front mirror for blind angel, Rear- view mirrors with grooved cover,  Manual cab tilting, hydr, oil rating below -25 C, Fuel tank filling filter, Sunblind, EC below Zero, Trailer brake 2-lines brake connection left, Manual accelerator ( Cruise control), VDO socket inside, Seatbelt, instrument cluster graphic capable display, diagnostics socket in cabin, Trailer socket 15-pin and electronic, Power supply for bogie lift system, standard Tools kit, Jack 12 ton, User’s manual …