SISU Crane

October 5, 2015 12:16 pm



Technical information  
Frame SISU high U-profile U-300 frame
Cabin Day cab
Sleeper cab, high roof
Sleeper cab
Engine Mercedes-Benz OM501LA, V6 power 350 kW – 480 hp torque 2300 Nm
Mercedes-Benz OM502LA, V8 power 440 kW – 600 hp torque 2800 Nm
Mercedes-Benz OM502LA, V8 power Engine 405 kW – 550 hp torque 2600 Nm
Mercedes PowerShift G280-16   unsynchronized fully-automated transmission
Mercedes Telligent G240 16synchronised transmission
clutch pedal- Telligent gear change operated
Steering system Mechanical-hydraulic, number of axles adapted in relation to size of chassis and location of steering axles.
Suspension system Steel, trapezoid or parabolic-type leaf springs, and compressed air suspension on some of the axles, several different alternatives.
Superstructures Factory-fitted superstructures specially developed for SISU Crane based on customer needs and wishes, providing the opportunity to select all the latest accessories for the crane trucks. Furthermore, many accessories have a number of alternatives regarding structure, material, etc. In the structures and their tailoring, efforts have been made to create an end-product that is as fit-for purpose as possible.
Axles Heavy-duty axles developed for the most demanding conditions. Our wide axle range provides the opportunity to select the axle combinations and transmissions that best suit each type of vehicle. Load capacity on front axles 9–10 tons, and 19–22 tons in the bogies. Brakes electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, disc brakes on the front axles, drum brakes on the rear axles.